MERLOT provides you many ways to share with others how you are using specific Free and Open eTextbooks in your teaching and your students' mobile learning


Use MERLOT discussion forum connected to the open textbook to write a comment about how you are using the open textbook.

Screenshot from MERLOT showing options to comment about a material

screenshot from MERLOT showing a typical entry box to enter a comment.


Use MERLOT's online Learning Exercise form to share the goals, learning outcomes, teaching strategies, assessment rubrics, and more about how you are using the open textbook. Just type in your text and publish it in MERLOT.

Screenshot from MERLOT showing options to comment about a material

Screenshot from MERLOT shoing the add learning exercise box


Use MERLOT's Content Builder template to create a rich teaching eportofolio explaining why and how you are using the open textebook to achieve student learning outcomes and include students' reactions and success.

Check out MERLOT Content BuilderThis link will take you to an external website in a new tab. and create an ePortfolio. Got questions, please email

MERLOT content builder template

Share Free and Open eTextbooks You Like

  • MERLOT provides you many different ways to share what you found useful and helpful for your learning. Simply "Click and Share" with any material you find in MERLOT

    Options for social media and sharing in MERLOT

  • Every material in MERLOT has a QR code which makes it easy to share with mobile devices.

    A QR (Quick Response) Code is a 2-dimensional barcode, which has encoded in it a URL (web address), text, or other information. It can be read by a QR code scanner, including QR scanner smartphone apps. Once you have an app installed on your smartphone, open the app and hold your phone's camera over a QR code to read it. Most QR codes you'll come across have a URL encoded, so chances are when you read the QR code it will take you to a web page.

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